Jim Lupkin created this social media system because he’s been where you are and he knows there is hope. Before he was …

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… before Jim created this innovation in social media you are learning about right now, he struggled.

At the beginning of his business career, peers and elders frowned upon him for building relationships with people online. He was told it was the wrong way to build business. One guy laughed in his face. People turned their back on him as being the young naïve kid who was trying to build a respectable business with a computer. In the 1990s, the struggle to embrace social-technological advances was real. No matter how much success he had with his first business, Jim was never as respected as others who built business the “right” way.

Things didn’t change much in his next business venture. He had more success using social media, yet those in business circles chastised him for not following rank and failing to align his practices with what had always worked previously. His self-worth usually took a monthly nosedive with the end of the month numbers.

Ever start a business on a pipe dream, with more passion than money?  “Yes”, says Jim. He had 30-days of capitol left to pay his salary, the salaries of 18 developers and seven graphic designers, and almost no money to grow his business. Stress intensified because his employees had to make their wages to support families and obligations. Social media worked its magic, and I was able to pay our team. Every month.

Above all, social media gave Jim hope. It is the one thing in his career that has never let him down. Time and time again, social media has been the key that unlocked the success he knew he was capable of. Social media will do the same for you.

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